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Detailed description of volunteer jobs

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Family or Individual Volunteer jobs:

These jobs are fun for any age! We ask that an adult sign up as the primary contact.


About midnight Christmas Eve
to 7am Christmas Morning 

We provide a 20-pound turkey, aluminum pan, butter, spices, (about half our cookers receive stuffing), and specific instructions. Turkey pick-up is usually five days before Christmas, giving our cooks time to get the birds defrosted (sitting them in a pan of cold water is second best when time is shorter!).If you have any questions about your turkeys, please call 603-359-4547.

Cooked turkeys need to be brought to the Sacred Heart Church in Lebanon early Christmas morning between 7:00 and 7:30 AM.

Deliver Christmas Eve
or Christmas Morning 
We always need a ton of cookies for Christmas! Cookie bakers should make their favorite recipe and all kinds are welcome. The more diverse, the more fun! On December 21st, please drop your cookies off to 60 Hanover St in Lebanon at the Community Services entrance on the 21st; OR bring them to the Church Christmas morning by 8am.
10:15 AM – noon
Finish by noon 
Every year we bring Christmas Dinner to hundreds of people who do not or can not travel from their homes. We can use lots of volunteers for meal delivery. Arrive at the Sacred Heart Church at 10:15 AM. We will supply addresses and directions. 

Volunteer Jobs for over 16 years of age:

11:00 AM – Close 
We need drivers to pick up folks who have no means of transportation but would like to attend the Christmas Dinner; these people should arrive at the Sacred Heart Church by the noon serving time. Names and specific directions will be provided that morning.
7:00 AM–11:00 AM  
Early Christmas morning we need approximately 3 people to help prepare food by cutting vegetables, slicing bread, assisting our chef, etc.
8:30 AM–10:00 AM  
All the cookies received are combined together and divided into individual bags for each person at the dinner (and those receiving meal deliveries). Also, pies need to be sliced and plated. We generally need about 10 people for this sweet task.
8:00 AM – noon  
What would a holiday dinner of fellowship be without a friendly face at the door welcoming people and wishing all a “Very Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”? We will stagger greeter times between 8am and noon.
10:15 AM – Close 
To prepare the “meals on wheels” and the serving plates for those eating in, we need a buffet line of about 6 servers.
11:15 AM – Close  
We need approximately 30 people to keep the food stocked on each of our 22 tables, and remove empty plates.
11:00 AM – Close  
We need some volunteers to manage the coffee station and ensure all the guests have something to drink.
8:00 AM–11:30 AM SHIFT 1
11:30 PM–Close SHIFT 2  
25 tables yield a great deal of dirty dishes, along with all the pots and pans used to cook the food. We need 2 dishwashers for the morning and another 4 dishwashers in the afternoon.
10:00 AM – Close  
The “Green Team”:  This small crew will help move packaging materials to recycling, garbage and food scraps to compost, and help ensure that all extra food is packaged for donation to the Haven or packaged for animal feed.


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